Our participatory management approach is rooted in our aim of creating productive work platforms together and increasing the satisfaction, development and engagement of our employees. Our main objective is to develop ourselves in the sectors we engage in and to increase our competitive efficiency using our human resources.

Our vision is to create the best human resources in every sector we engage in. As a Human Resources Department, while choosing workmates that add value to the Group, we seek people who can rapidly adapt, develop the Group with creativity and devotion to the job.

With the idea that every director should also be a good manager of human resources, we share all kinds of information and teach them techniques to contribute to their development.

Selection and Placement

Eligible candidates are called for an interview with the Human Resources Department. The most suitable candidates take a Foreign Language Proficiency Exam and Personality Inventory tests, and according to the results, they are asked for an interview with the related department managers.

Wage and Social Opportunities

Wages are organized on a 12-month basis for all employees. In addition to this, private health insurance, personal accident insurance, lunch and transportation are also provided.

You can reach our open positions at www.kariyer.net Pls send us your CV to ik.egefren@egefren.com.tr