Our Human Resources policy can be summarized as “Creating motivated, innovative employees and teams with high corporate loyalty, value creation, within the framework of the company's values and culture.”

While making career planning of our employees during and after the recruitment process, the principle of providing equal opportunities to people under equal conditions has been adopted. All rights provided to employees are treated fairly. Training programs are designed and training policies are created for employees to increase their knowledge, skills and behaviors.

Communication meetings are held for employees on matters such as the financial situation of the company, wages, career, education and health, and views are exchanged. The decisions taken regarding the employees or the developments concerning the employees are notified to the employees or their representatives, and the opinions of the relevant unions are taken on such decisions. Attention is paid to competence and responsibility in determining the wages and other benefits given to the employees.

Measures are taken to prevent race, religion, language and gender discrimination among employees and to protect employees against physical, mental and emotional ill-treatment within the company. The company supports the effective recognition of collective bargaining and right to join associations. Safe working environment and conditions are provided for employees.

Our Expectations From Our Employees;

Acting effectively and efficiently in accordance with job descriptions

Giving priority to continuous development within the framework of company strategies

Being kind and respectful during working hours and to take care of the company's reputation in private life

Compliance with company procedures, instructions and regulations

Our Core Competencies

We are resilient in the face of difficulties.

We believe that there is a way to succeed in a job, we see failure as a temporary situation and try different methods to develop solutions to problems.

We are good team players who believe in cooperation.

We create synergy, provide high motivation and commitment by working in cooperation to help achieve corporate goals.

We communicate effectively.

By listening carefully and without prejudice, we are successful in resolving disagreements and persuading the parties by expressing ourselves effectively.

We provide trust.

As individuals, we interact with others in a way that builds trust in him and his company.

We know our responsibilities.

We fulfill our duties in a timely and desired manner and take responsibility for the results.

We are agile and always ready for change.

In the face of rapidly changing conditions or a problem, we develop appropriate solutions and act with agility to take action.

Our Values

Customer First

Teamwork & Respect

Pursuit of Excellence


Ethic Codes

Use of Company Resources

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Not Using Position & Responsibilities for Benefit

Courtesy and Respect

Respect for Human Rights





Respect for Personal Rights

Occupational Standards Compliance

Protection of Company Rights and Interest

Ethics Violation Report Line;

Ege Fren employees, business partners, suppliers, dealers and customers can report issues that they think do not comply with the Group's Ethical Values and Rules regarding the group employees and practices, to the Internal Audit and Process Management Department via the Ethical Violation Notification Line.

Any employee who has encountered a situation that is the subject of a report or has been exposed to an ethical violation may file an Ethical Violation Report.

The parties to the action that caused the notification; The manager may be another employee or group of employees.

The employee can make a notification to the relevant e-mail address (etik@bayraktar.com) to report the issue.






Identify recruitment needs


Candidate Research


Assessment Center Application


Competency Based Interview


Evaluate Applications


Referance Check


Job Offer


Hiring and Employment

You can reach our open positions at www.kariyer.net

You can send your CVs to our e-mail address via ik.egefren@egefren.com.tr


As Ege Fren, we support the internship process, which is an important step in the preparation of high school and higher education students for business life. We conduct a transparent, fair and traceable recruitment process for all candidates during the internship process.

Short-term (summer) internship applications are received in March, and long-term internship applications are received between May and June (until the end of the previous education period). Evaluations are made following the month of application.

We will continue the internship acceptance, which we took a break due to pandemic conditions, after the normalization process.


Ege Fren offers career opportunities to well-educated young people who have just started their business life, as well as professionals with careers who are specialized in their fields.

As Ege Fren, we diligently continue our efforts to create empathy and synergy between teams, as well as the personal and professional development of individuals.


Ege Fren provides its employees with knowledge, skills and development opportunities. Our aim is to contribute to the competence development of all our employees and thus to carry our employees' business to the future.

Our process of supporting the personal and potential development and creativity of our employees at all levels starts with the orientation program in the recruitment process.

We prepare career and development plans in line with the corporate and individual development needs of our employees, and we review these plans every year and control the practices.


Our process of supporting the personal and potential development and creativity of our employees at all levels starts with the orientation program in the recruitment process.

Development Plans

We prepare development plans in line with the corporate and individual development needs of our employees, and we review these plans every year and check the applications.

Succession Planning

For our employees in critical positions, we make long-term development plans for the position they will be backed up for the future.

Within the scope of the training and development process, our employees are provided with support for master's and doctoral programs at certain rates.


Our Apprenticeship School, which was established with the permission of the Ministry of National Education, has been contributing to the development of young people by providing on-site training to many students since 2014.

With this social responsibility project, we aim to bring our young people, who have taken a break from their education life or had to end it for different reasons, to working life.


Career planning and back-up processes are carried out in order to be prepared for the negative effects of the gaps in key positions in our company. For this purpose, "Career and Succession Plans" are created in order to ensure the sustainability of the company. Development plans are followed to prepare all employees for future positions.


Our aim in wage management is to ensure that the internal and inter-company structures are placed in an easily understandable and manageable order by using an international standard job evaluation system in Bayraktar Group companies.

At this point, the Global Job Evaluation System we are using enables the mapping of wages and fringe benefits according to the competency and responsibility levels of the positions in a flexible and market-compatible structure.

In order to spread a high performance culture, an annual performance bonus is applied for white-collar employees according to the rate of achieving the targets.

Job Evaluation

Determine the employees' grading and levels

Job Matching in the market

Defining the wage (salary) per position

In each wage claim period, compensation and benefits are reviewed according to market research.


By measuring the satisfaction and commitment levels of the employees in company, action plans for improvement are created.

Employees do their job with enthusiasm

The tendency of employees to feel commitment to company and continue working

The level of satisfaction of employees with the opportunities provided to them


Ege Fren has the status of "R&D Center" within the framework of the law ” 5746, on Supporting Research and Development Activities". R&D activities are capable of responding to the rapidly changing needs of its customers in the competitive global market and technological advances in catching the innovative world of the future.


We carry out social responsibility projects with our employees, stakeholders and Non-Governmental Organizations. Awards and campaigns are included in the events we carry out periodically.