Ege Fren helps young people to have a profession and join the work force with Apprenticeship Class


Ege Endüstri and Ege Fren companies, operating under Bayraktar Group, as the leading establishments of the automotive supply industry open up the path of profession and having a job to young people with Apprenticeship Class founded in 2014.

Students of Ege Endüstri and Ege Fren Apprenticeship Class, based on 3308 numbered Vocational Training Law, are theoretically and practically thought CNC (Computer Numerical Control – Computerised Machine Production Process) trainings in machine technologies field and, welding training in Machine Maintenance and Metal Technologies field. The graduates will get an advantage within the sector while starting their working lives.

As of 2019-2020 new school year, with the newcomers, 125 students are thought in Ege Endüstri & Ege Fren Apprenticeship Classes. The School has provided a total of 66 graduates to day, and 60 of them are employed within Ege Endüstri and Ege Fren. The project allows students to receive 10 hours of theoretical lessons per day during 18 weeks per term.

One of the most important goals of the project which started with “Education is and Investment with no chance of Loss” motto, was to provide professional training with regular APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING for the young people who couldn’t continue school after the compulsory education for various reasons, and to have potential work force that was baked with the corporate culture of the company.

The project has important advantages for apprentice students and employers. Apprentices who have theoretical professional training are more beneficial in the work place and therefore both the quality of the work and work efficiency increase in the manufacturing.